Our Brands

Van Gastel Shoes has four leading childrens footwear brands in her organisation.  

Bunnies JR ensures that children walk their first steps in a responsible and trendy way. In this way they can discover the world and will be confident for the rest of their lives. 

Almost 40% of childrens doesn't wear the perfect fitting shoe. This perfect fit doesn't only consist of a right size in length, but in width as well. That's why Twins & Trackstyle makes shoes in different lenght- and width sizes for boys and girls.

Braqeez designers travel the entire world to get inspired and spot the latest trends. Trends in childrens-, but womens- and men fashion as well. These trends are translated to joyfull kids shoes.

Est. 1842 is a sandals footwear brand focused on mother and daughter. The original Bio Corksandals fo Est. 1842 are the latest trend in summer footwear for MINI + ME

McGregor New York is a fashion brand for men with her roots dating back to New York in 1921. This well-known clothing brand has its shoe collections developed, produced and sold by Van Gastel Shoes. 

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