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Universal Footwear Group

Sent by demand from the market Van Gastel Shoes started over 20 years ago with the production of private label colelctions for clients. We are specialised in the development of collections for large retailers, even as producer for other footwear companies and brands. Under our clients are international retail formulas and fashion brands both wihtin and outside Europe. As a result of continuous investments in our factories and relations in Asia, we are able to deliver European quality shoes for appealing prices, suitable for every concept. 

UFG is limitless, competing in price, product, partnership and craftmanship. UFG kows what is commercial and thinks from your perspective. Developing collections together with our clients is something we strive for. All this happens in renowned and responsible factories in Asia and Europe. UFG can develop, poduce and deliver high quality Kids, Women and Men footwear collections for every retail concepts. 

By using materials in a creative way UFG is able to develop commercial collections for affordable prices.  The craftmanship gained by more than 150 years of experience in the shoemaking business results in a perfect fit. Universal Footwear Group is your perfect sparring partner.

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