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BunniesJR Animal Friendly

Bunnies JR makes sure that kids set their first steps in a responsible and fashionable way. In this way they can conquer the whole world and they will stand strong for the rest of their lives. 


In 2012 we reeived a sign from the market that their is demand for trendy kids shoes for the very little ones. In a time wherein the retailmarket changes very quickly we decided to bring back our renowned brand Bunnies. 

A new image and a sharpened philosophy made share the brand Bunnies is back! Now with the focus on children until 6-years old, the little brother of Bunnies is born ... BunniesJR!

A few years later BunniesJR offers a wideranging collection in trendy kidsshoes, because nobody is more proud than a mother seeing het child walking is or her first steps. 

BunniesJR also knows that these first steps are not season bounded. That's why the collections are accessible for multiple seasons. These models represent the latest trends, have sharp prices and are the answer on demand from the market. BunniesJR brings change multiple times per year, rebrands classic styles and offers it's collections for competing prices.

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